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Alison Brown Quartet - Under the Five Wire

Grammy award winning virtuoso banjoist Alison Brown blends bluegrass and jazz to create a unique and extremely entertaining sound. In town as part of the Best of Bluegrass events in Lexington, we met up with Alison and the band for this amazing session shot on the Legacy bike trail.

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Coralee & the Townies - Always, Darlin

Lexington, Kentucky staples and honky tonk soul extraordinaire Coralee & the Townies perform their unique blend of Americana music with heartfelt lyrics, dynamic female vocals, and solid driving rock n roll musicianship. Coralee is an engaging, warm, and personable artist who ensnares casual onlookers and often turns them into die-hard fans.

We met up with the band for an impromptu session in the middle of Triangle Park downtown. Coralee sent the word out about an hour or so before the shoot for any friends and fans to come on out to take part in the session. The result was this fantastic improvised choir of beautiful people. What a great moment. Enjoy!

"Always, Darlin" is available as a free downloadable single from the band's bandcamp page http://coraleeandthetownies.bandcamp....  While you're there, do yourself a favor and purchase their EP too if you haven't already.

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Special thanks to WUKY for playing Coralee's music on the radio and for helping to spread the word

This session was shot at Triangle Park in downtown Lexington

Wooden Wand - Alpha Dawn

James Jackson Toth (aka Wooden Wand) is a walking encyclopedia of popular music, avid vinyl record collector, and just all around good guy. He also happens to be one of the most prolific and consistently fantastic modern songwriters out today, and we're hononed to call him our friend. Wooden Wand was our very first official Shaker Steps session, and James graciously allowed himself to be our guinea pig in this whole crazy adventure. We've had some equipment upgrades since then, and we've just generally become more proficient with our craft since our first shoot, which is why we wanted to do another session with Wooden Wand and do it right.

We met at one of Wooden Wand's favorite places to hang out and buy new music, CD Central. He performs a new song "Alpha Dawn" in the parking lot behind the record shop in front of a mural by Dronex. That constellation isn't gone... not yet.


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Small Batch - House of Cards

The term "small batch" usually refers to high quality bourbon that has been produced by mixing the contents of a small number of select barrels. The blend of a relatively few barrels actually creates something better than each individual single barrel could produce by themselves. The whole blended "small batch" is greater than the sum of its singular parts. What a great symbolic name for a bluegrass/americana "super group" like Small Batch. Made up of Melissa (aka Tree) Jackson, Reva Williams, and Warren Byrom. Each accomplished singers and songwriters in their own right. Add in solid foundation Scott Wilmoth on bass and Robby Cosenza on drums/percussion, and you've got... well... the beauty that you hear here.

We met up with Small Batch at an old historic church in Bourbon County called Hopewell Presbyterian Church. The congregation has been around since the late 1700s. Led by Melissa "Tree" on this one, the band plays their song "House of Cards" about temptation. A fitting song for this old country church setting. Enjoy!

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Special thanks to WRVG for helping to spread the word and who will be posting an interview with the band soon.  

Gangstagrass - Bound to Ride

Abandon all preconceptions ye who enter here. Do yourself a favor and listen with an open mind. While at first glance bluegrass and hip hop music seem like polar opposites or in some way mutually exclusive genres, they do in fact connect at some of their deepest roots. Take a critical listen to the early string band, jug band, and blues music of the Southeast like Ma Rainey, The Mississippi Sheiks, or Bukka White. Bluegrass music was essentially forged in the Appalachian Mountains through the mingling of old English/Irish ballads with African American rhythms and lyrical themes. A true cross pollination of people, music, and ideas. Gangstagrass takes these recently divergent vines and ties them back up again. Giving this kind of music new life with whole new possibilities.

We met up with Gangstagrass at Gratz Park in downtown Lexington before their show at Natasha's Bistro & Bar for the kickoff to the week long Best of Bluegrass events in town all leading up to the Festival of the Bluegrass. They perform their song "Bound to Ride."


For more information about Gangstagrass, check our their website.

To learn more about Best of Bluegrass, please visit their website.

Special thanks to Gratz Park where this session was shot.

Adam Faucett - Possum

Tim Eriksen - Follow the Birds

Paul K - Sugar Bay

William Tyler - We Can't Go Home Again

Justin Paul Lewis - Salt

St. Paul - Broken Bones and Pocket Change

Tyler Childers - William Hill

Wooden Wand - No Debts